Sometimes we despise a father….

Why? Well, its because they have so many things to say..
so much wisdom.. that sometimes isn’t actually important..
sometimes it would seem awkward and sometimes boastful, they brag too much of what they have achieved..
They are sometimes confusing with the commands they give..
They become bossy, even though they can accomplish those simple task. they’ll ask their son, daughter, or even their wife to do it for them – lazy dog -.
I would consider it if He’d be really sick or bed-ridden..
Even though he would say that your my child, you should “obey” me.. Yes, i would obey him, but not to the extreme..
If that’s the case, He should have got himself a housemaid..
I hated my father for the way he treated me. Although it helped me grow a bit, the thing that grew in me was hatred..
I missed out so many things during my growth, my childhood, my schooldays, and even up to my college life.

if you’d agree or disagree..
please do comment..
peace out.