Love is a statement. A simple word. sometimes useless, unless acted by a person to another. It would be great feeling. As so many people would, or i would say for that matter. Caring for someone, showing concern, giving priority, giving time, understanding, and so many things that we do, so that we make the other person feel how special he/she is in our life. And If you’d ask many people to describe “Love” or “What is love for them?” most common word that you would hear is TRUST and HONESTY.

But when those elements are not present in the the relationship anymore. I don’t think there’s any reason to stay in that situation. Your the only one who’s compensating for one’s shortcoming. Its a give and take relationship to be fair and just to one another.

To a friend that I know. Is he’d be mad at you. Just for a reason that you checked his phone? Something must be wrong. Normally he wont react if he has nothing to hide.. Honesty, by that he’s guilty. He’d go ahead and blame you or turn the story around. Better make up your mind. Stay in that situation where your the only one who’s making effort or set yourself free of the misery and trouble. There are many more who is much more worthy of your care and affections.

till next time..