Its been more than a week since my last post.

I wasn’t able to post anything for those past days. Had so many things going on with my life, with work and with many other things. My mind and time was preoccupied with this things. Had to do a lot of contemplating with the things that is abruptly changing my environment.

Few days back. I was bothered with so many things. Like having a deadline to find another place to stay, cause by now I do feel that I’m not welcome anymore to their home. Even opening my room and letting the dog eat my food and they wouldn’t even care. I’m not insensitive not being to feel or realize what they are showing me. What happened to family? They’re that inconsiderate and insensitive. I should have prepared for this thing to happen and not be surprise. You simply can’t change the people in an instance. “I say, Live with it.” My task for the past weeks has been looking for a new place to stay. I’d prefer a room, with this I can have all the space that I would need. Be free to do my will and to be with the one I love. Spend nights together and be merry.

Another thing is, I have to prepare for the worst. “Worst case scenario?” maybe?! but I think it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. Few days from now, We will be breaking the news to her Parents. And just in case, I should prepare myself for all things that will be happening. Hope I can still post… hahaha.. As of now I am looking for another job. A part-time job (4 – 5 hrs) would be fine..

Bye for now