Daven Michaels author of the best selling guide on outsourcing ‘Outsource This! Your Global Guide to Outsourcing’ talka about different location for outsourcing. And my favorite happens to be the Philippines.

One of the outsourcing problems that you would ask yourself is

the LOCATION as to where to outsource your business. Where to source inexpensive labor?

There are so many locations for outsourcing your business. You have India, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Philippines. But for me the best location to outsource my business is the Philippines. If your business / outsourcing project.  would require phone works. Well the Philippines would be the place to outsource your business. I love working with Filipino’s. Well, it is because Filipino’s are one of the hard working people, their honest, warm and friendly and they love our culture. So they understand American culture, they laugh at jokes and their English is excellent. As a matter of fact you might be calling Filipino call centers and not knowing it. They’re fantastic. If you need some suggestions you can grab a free copy of my book just go to and be on your way outsourcing your business.

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