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How to eliminate belly fat.

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Having a job is one of the great achievements that one can attain. You can be proud of that you can earn in a legal way. But somehow people don’t see your efforts and endeavor to excel. Some businessman tends to be greedy and want to own as much as they can. Harbor it all for themselves. No matter what it takes, they can’t see the sacrifices that each employee puts into their work to earn for them and for the company. When it comes to performance, they perform excellent even with a few glitches this doesn’t affect the whole operation of the company. Immediately removing them without proper explanation and advice. Not even considering the condition of each person.

I can therefore conclude that somehow “Life” is definitely “unfair”

For how many years, I have always wanted to own, If not to try and use a digital camera. I have no problem with simple digital cameras. What I have in mind was something high end. Same as a professional photographer would prefer.
Just recently, a friend from work just brought the thing. I was really curious and want to give it a try. I have a huge desire to take pictures. When he gave me a chance to handle the camera, I was all over it. Trying to figure out how it would work. After Prexy and Adz taught me a few curves. I was clicking everywhere. Taking pictures even though it’s not that important. I was just like a kid excited with his first toy, or a teen that just had his first phone. Here are some of the photos which I personally took.

I can’t really tell if it’s ok or what? By the way there’s a comment box. Post your comment so I can determine if I’m ready to be a photographer or I still need more training and lessons from a couple of masters Prexy and Adz….