For how many years, I have always wanted to own, If not to try and use a digital camera. I have no problem with simple digital cameras. What I have in mind was something high end. Same as a professional photographer would prefer.
Just recently, a friend from work just brought the thing. I was really curious and want to give it a try. I have a huge desire to take pictures. When he gave me a chance to handle the camera, I was all over it. Trying to figure out how it would work. After Prexy and Adz taught me a few curves. I was clicking everywhere. Taking pictures even though it’s not that important. I was just like a kid excited with his first toy, or a teen that just had his first phone. Here are some of the photos which I personally took.

I can’t really tell if it’s ok or what? By the way there’s a comment box. Post your comment so I can determine if I’m ready to be a photographer or I still need more training and lessons from a couple of masters Prexy and Adz….