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I have no doubt that most of our regular readers would know better than to install a site-specific antivirus app…But unfortunately for the Internet, there are plenty of people who will believe that something called Facebook Antivirus could really offer them protection from malware on the popular social networking site.

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. Facebook Antivirus is just another piece of useless malware feeding off unsuspecting users. Facebook is a tantalizing target for the scareware pushers with an audience of several hundred million users, many of whom don't know the difference between real and fake antivirus programs.

Like many other rogue antivirus apps, Facebook Antivirus uses images “borrowed” from legitimate software. The interface above, for example, is ripped from Panda Cloud Antivirus and the app also uses a Norton icon in certain places. The familiar yellow circle and stethoscope is all the convincing it would take for many users to install the malicious app.

Once a profile is infected, the rogue goes to work tagging your photos with 20 of your friends and then publishes the photo to your wall. Friends receive update notifications, stumble across the Antivirus, unknowingly click through, and spread the infection.

Facebook will no doubt shut down the app soon, but it's important to remember to be careful what you click. Less experienced users who need a little extra help identifying threats should check out some of the free tools we've mentioned before like WebOfTrust and the list of real free antivirus programs for Windows.

The good folks at F-Secure have posted a number of screenshots of FB Antivirus and you'll find information at Facebook Insider that will help you clean up your photos and wall if you've been victimized by the rogue program.

via Fake Facebook antivirus spreads through tagged photos, wall post spam.

Clues emerging about crashed WWII plane in Ore.


This is an undated Oregon State Police photo of the wreckage from a WWII-era plane, identified as a Curtis SB2C Helldiver, found by loggers in the woo AP – This is an undated Oregon State Police photo of the wreckage from a WWII-era plane, identified as a Curtis …

Fri Mar 26, 2:34 pm ET

PORTLAND, Ore. – Officials investigating the wreckage of a World War II-era dive bomber found in the Oregon woods say at least three U.S. Navy planes of that type went down in that area from 1945 to 1948.

Tillamook County Sheriff Todd Anderson said Friday investigators still don't know the origin of the wrecked Helldiver found near the now-defunct Naval Air Station Tillamook.

However, Anderson said investigators have learned at least three planes of that type went down during the final years the air station was still in operation.

He said two went down in 1945 and another in 1948.

Anderson said investigators have been getting help from people who worked at Tillamook at the time.

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A Taste of Tears From the Sky

It has almost been a month or more since it rained. The sun is shinning bright, and setting high in the sky. The land is dry and, dust settles above the ground. Water from the faucet is like having a free Water Heater. I almost burn my hand just washing the dishes. You’d sweat just by sitting in a corner. The sun can easily burn your skin, if you get expose too much. The feeling is so uneasy.

Wooohhh.. Summer came early ~ 2 months early that is.

Then clouds started to come and build up. Slowly covering the sun and building up a heavy rain….
So I think…..

And finally…. Rain started to poured and like tears from the sky. It then wet the dry land giving moisture to the plants. Even though it didn’t last that long, atleast it rained……

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