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Im Almost Done~~

In a few more hours
And few more days
I would be leaving this place
Where I am sitting at

So I would bid my farewell
But this wont be a sad goodbye
Because I am certain
That our roads will eventually cross

After all I am an IM

A lost for words

Sometimes I find it hard to say what I wanna say..
Even though the simplest of thoughts can’t be shared..
nor expressed..

Every now and then,
I have the guts to say it..
I am not a fool, think about what I say..
And be mindful about it, But sometimes…

At times, when I have said all that I have to..
I am not aware, careless and blind..
that I words that I choose had a different impact on them,
thus causing misunderstanding and even pain..

I am sometime left to be silent and quite..
To prevent such events..

For all that’s been said and done..
I plea for forgiveness..

I know that it would not be easy, to continue..
Proceed as if nothing happened..
But hoping and and wishing to go back to the beginning..
And start over again… 🙂