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Things are not going well.. darn it..

Things are not going well.. darn it..


Im Almost Done~~

In a few more hours
And few more days
I would be leaving this place
Where I am sitting at

So I would bid my farewell
But this wont be a sad goodbye
Because I am certain
That our roads will eventually cross

After all I am an IM

A lost for words

Sometimes I find it hard to say what I wanna say..
Even though the simplest of thoughts can’t be shared..
nor expressed..

Every now and then,
I have the guts to say it..
I am not a fool, think about what I say..
And be mindful about it, But sometimes…

At times, when I have said all that I have to..
I am not aware, careless and blind..
that I words that I choose had a different impact on them,
thus causing misunderstanding and even pain..

I am sometime left to be silent and quite..
To prevent such events..

For all that’s been said and done..
I plea for forgiveness..

I know that it would not be easy, to continue..
Proceed as if nothing happened..
But hoping and and wishing to go back to the beginning..
And start over again… 🙂

Blind and Puzzled

I feel that I am a blind..
Trying to put together a puzzle..
Trying to connect the bits and pieces..
To complete this Puzzle..

My only hints are the edges
of each piece..
Not knowing if its correct..
The right piece for each space..

I hope..
I’m putting this correctly..

Should I be happy?

Am I really that bad?
You asked me “are you happy?”
Let me ask you first..
“Are you Happy? Is this what you wanted in the first place?”

Because me..
It was not what I wanted..

I Stood there

I stood there..

As it happens,
As it unfolds,

How it crashes,
and how it crumbled,
From Stone to Dust,

Not knowing what to do,
to be Honest to myself,
and Hurt someone,

But I just stood there,
and Let it happen,

Right at my feet,
from where I stand,
Right at my ear,
from what I hear,
Right at my sight,

Its now Gone!!

Megan Fox Dropped From ‘Transformers 3’Megan Fox has been axed from ” Transformers 3,” Access Hollywood has confirmed.A source at Paramount, the studio behind the film, told Access that Megan, who played star Shia LaBeouf ‘s love interest in the franchise, would not return for the third movie.The source said that in order to take Shia’s character – Samuel James Witwicky — in a new direction, it was better if Sam wasn’t tied down to a love interest.On Wednesday night, however, reps for the actress told People that it was Megan’s decision to leave the movie. ” Megan Fox will not be starring in ‘ Transformers 3,'” the reps told the mag. “It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”
A rep for Megan was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Access Hollywood on Wednesday.
Nikki Finke, who first reported the news for Deadline that Megan was out, claimed that decision was “ultimately” director Michael Bay ‘s.

via UPDATED: Megan Fox Dropped From ‘Transformers 3’ – Yahoo! Movies.

What is skit?

Its not read as “SAKIT” which in English means “Disease”.

On Merriam – Webster Dictionary
skit – Pronunciation: \ˈskit\
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: circa 1727

1 : a jeering or satirical remark : taunt
2 a : a satirical or humorous story or sketch b (1) : a brief burlesque or comic sketch included in a dramatic performance (as a revue) (2) : a short serious dramatic piece; especially : one done by amateurs


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