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The Downfall

I never thought that I would be in the same situation as before..
I thought what we had was forever,
but I thought wrong..
Or was it just me all along..


A Taste of Tears From the Sky

It has almost been a month or more since it rained. The sun is shinning bright, and setting high in the sky. The land is dry and, dust settles above the ground. Water from the faucet is like having a free Water Heater. I almost burn my hand just washing the dishes. You’d sweat just by sitting in a corner. The sun can easily burn your skin, if you get expose too much. The feeling is so uneasy.

Wooohhh.. Summer came early ~ 2 months early that is.

Then clouds started to come and build up. Slowly covering the sun and building up a heavy rain….
So I think…..

And finally…. Rain started to poured and like tears from the sky. It then wet the dry land giving moisture to the plants. Even though it didn’t last that long, atleast it rained……


A piece of my mind!

Life is full of uncertainties. You can’t say that you are sure, definite and final with your decision. There are factors that we need to consider in making our each day of our lives count. Certainty is neither definite nor everlasting. You can be certain for few moments of your life but then like the current in the ocean it changes. Because of this, we continue to strive and live trying to adapt to life’s uncertain path, waves and current.