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Christmas Wihslist – 1 Item down!

As we all know, Christmas is a when we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is also the season of giving gift and sharing. It is celebrated once every year, and people has many practices during this season. One of this are wishlist, and I have mine as well.

I have many stuff’s written down on my wishlist as far as I can remember.

One of those stuff was already crossed out. Just this weekend November 26, 2011 I got a brand new Sony DSc – HX1. I was so excited to use it, I can’t even take my hands of it. My passion for Photography is re-igniting.
I’ll let you know how it works for me.

See yah later!


A wish list for this Holidays.

These are some few items that i would like to receive this holidays. Specially I can’t afford this items. Its doesn’t have to be as the Exact thing it could be less than what I have put here. As long as it has the same value. I will accept anything that is given from the heart. Even if its second hand or damaged. hehehe. thanks

• Acer Aspire One
aspire one
Digital cameras
• PowerShot D10
Power Shot D10
• PowerShot A480
Power Shot A480
• Samsung PL51

Cellular Phones

• Samsung Beat DJ
Samsung Beat DJ

• Sony Ericsson W910i
 Sony Ericsson W910i