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Promote your seminar and book launch using radio Promote your stuff through radio but dont have the time, outsource your stuff.

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Some people wonder why I smoke. Is it for the looks? So people can see that you are tough? Until I woke up to a rationalization.
“It’s simple, the lungs is close to the heart! Every time is smoke and puff fumes from a cigarette. The smoke covers my heart with a cloud…
A cloud that would act as an Anesthesia and making me numb and insensitive…
In this way, it somehow lessens the heartaches and pain that my heart feels…
I would prefer to slowly destroy my lungs rather than slowly killing my heart with all this pain…”


Christmas party with Icon and LSM Phil

December 19, 2009 2 Inbound Accounts of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions held one heck of a Christmas Party.. *I should say*

Icon InterActive headed by Bernadette Bagheri organized the event. It turned out to be one of the most exciting and wildest Christmas party! Even LSM’s visitor had a well spent Christmas party! Everyone had a wild and wonderful time!!

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A piece of my mind!

Life is full of uncertainties. You can’t say that you are sure, definite and final with your decision. There are factors that we need to consider in making our each day of our lives count. Certainty is neither definite nor everlasting. You can be certain for few moments of your life but then like the current in the ocean it changes. Because of this, we continue to strive and live trying to adapt to life’s uncertain path, waves and current.

A wish list for this Holidays.

These are some few items that i would like to receive this holidays. Specially I can’t afford this items. Its doesn’t have to be as the Exact thing it could be less than what I have put here. As long as it has the same value. I will accept anything that is given from the heart. Even if its second hand or damaged. hehehe. thanks

• Acer Aspire One
aspire one
Digital cameras
• PowerShot D10
Power Shot D10
• PowerShot A480
Power Shot A480
• Samsung PL51

Cellular Phones

• Samsung Beat DJ
Samsung Beat DJ

• Sony Ericsson W910i
 Sony Ericsson W910i

The best guide for your outsourcing problems.

Daven Michaels author of the best selling guide on outsourcing services ‘Outsource This! Your Global Guide to Outsourcing’ talking about the different locations for outsourcing. my favorite is the philippines.

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Chest Pain

In medicine, chest pain is a number of serious conditions and is generally considered a medical emergency. Even though it may be determined that the chest pain is non-cardiac in origin, this is often a diagnosis of exclusion made after ruling out more serious causes of the pain. –

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a couple of discomfort in my chest. And recently, due to this discomfort, I am having a hard time or difficulty in breathing. Not necessarily originated form the internal chest cavity but somewhat it’s just superficial. But somehow it is causing me in having difficulty in breathing. My chest can’t easily expand when I need to breath.

I suspect that it is due to my position when I sleep or take a nap, or to bed that I lay each night. Considering that its hard one. I don’t even have any foam or something to make my bed softer than what it is right now. But still sacrifices are needed just to with the decision that I made. Do be away and be away from my family. To work and earn some for the things that I long to have. –Materialistic- sometimes I hate myself for this. Why can’t I be contented with what is have and live with it. How about you? Are you contented of what you have? Where you are? 😀

Hopefully I can still breath by the time that I can afford what I wanted. 😀